Student Representative Council

Aims & Objectives of Students Representative Council shall be as follow:

  • To promote co-curricular activities leading the students to the intellectual, social, cultural and physical development so as to prepare them as ideal citizens.
  • To encourage sentiments of national integration and of international understanding among the students by arranging group discussions and to develop leadership through different activities which encourage dignity of Labour social service, cooperation, mutual respect etc.
  • To promote social relation amongst the students as well as with the teachers.
  • To augment academic and co-curricular interest among the students by maintaining Class decorum, library, Hostel and other facilities.
  • To facilitate the students and enhance the attitude of cooperation through several cooperative activities for community development.To develop a sense of discipline and commitment as an educated individual towards the society.


All the B.Com., B.B.A., B.C.A. & B.Voc students of the college shall automatically become a member of SRC on the payment of fees.

Formation of SRC:

  • Selection of SRC shall be held gradually within a month of beginning of the odd semester of the academic year.
  • The nomination forms for class representative of SRC received, shall be scrutinize by the committee appointed by the principal and final list of the selected candidates shall be notified the next day during the office hours.
  • If any unwanted incident happens during the formation of SRC which is likely to disturb the peace of the college campus the authority shall postpone or cancel the formation of SRC in part or whole.
  • If no nomination is received for formation of SRC from the students, principal shall manage the SRC activity with the help of chairman and staff advisors. In such a situation principal can appoint five students.
  • Nomination format of SRC is given below in Annexure I.
  • On scrutiny of received nomination form total point will be calculated considering the points for academic & extra-curricular activities as mentioned below.
  • For first semester students HSC result will be considered for the point for academic performance while points for participation in sports and cultural activity performance at secondary and higher secondary level will be considered.

Constitution of Student Representative Council of Anand Commerce College.

  • President (ex-officio) Principal of the College.
  • Chairman (One member of the teaching staff as appointed by the principal)
  • Co-Chairman (One additional teaching staff as appointed by the principal)
  • General Secretary.
  • 6 meritorious Students appointed as Class representative First year, second year and third year of BCOM & BBA respectively.
  • 1 meritorious Student from BVOC and 1 meritorious Student from BCA appointed as Class representative
  • 2 students from NCC and 2 students from NSS appoint as member of SRC.
  • 2 Students appoint as member from Sports in SRC.
  • 2 students can appoint as member by Principal in SRC.
  • 2 Students can appoint as member by Faculties in SRC.
  • The tenure of the chairman of SRC will be maximum 3 years.
  • Student representative council shall select member from students to carry out various activity as under:
Out Door Indoor
i. Athletics
ii. Cricket
iii. Volleyball
iv. Basketball
v. Kho – Kho & Kabaddi
i. Badminton
ii. Table Tennis
iii. Weight Lifting
iv. Chess
v. Reading Room
vi. Cultural Programs/competition
vii. Debate, elocution, essay & other literary competition
viii. Fine art competition
ix. Placement & planning Forum etc.
  • General Secretary will be the in charge for all the activities and work under the supervision and guidance of the chairman.
  • The meeting shall be called by the chairman in consultation with president. There shall be at least one meeting in each semester in the starting of the semester.
  • All decision of the SRC must be approved by the president.
  • The chairman will prepare agenda of the meeting and distribute to president and member at least 48 hours before the meeting. The minutes of the meeting will be recorded by the teacher advisor as instructed by the chairman.
  • The president will be the chair of the meeting, but in his absence the chairman will perform the duty.

Vacancy in Student Representative Committee:

In case there is any vacancy in student representative committee, it will be filled up by the principal of the college from the waiting list of nomination received from each class on merit.