National Cadet Corps. (N.C.C.)

      N.C.C. is the dynamic organization of young Boys and Girls all over the country. It plays an important role in inculcating value of character, patriotism, unity and selfless service amongst the youth. It helps in shaping the youth into disciplined, responsible, confident and patriotic citizens of the country. N.C.C. organization provides a platform for self development and helps to channelize energy of the youth towards nation building. The N.C.C. unit grabs internal training like drill (with and without arms), weapon training (0.303 dp Rifle SLR, LMG), external training participate in sports / games, camps like Annual Training Camp, SthalSainik Camp, Army Attachment Camp, National Integration Camp, Republic Day Camp and adventure camps like hiking, trekking, rope climbing, river crossing, rock climbing, horse riding etc. Many of our cadets have joined Army, Navy and Air Force.

         The college is approved as unit of 13th GUJ.Bn. N.C.C. The N.C.C. cadets of this college have always made their mark by representing the university at state and national level events. 


  • To Develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of Selfless Service amongst the Youth of the Country.
  • To Create a Human Resource of Organized, Trained and Motivated Youth, To Provide Leadership in all Walks of life and be Always Available for the Service of the Nation.
  • To Provide a Suitable Environment to Motivate the Youth to Take Up a Career in the Armed Forces.

Objectives Of NCC

  • To develop character, discipline, comradeship, secular outlook, ideals of selfless services and adventure spirits amongst large numbers of young citizens.
  • To create a pool of trained, organized and motivated youth with various leadership qualities in every walk of their life and serve the Nation irrespective of the career they choose.
  • To provide a sound environment conducive towards motivating large numbers of young people of India to join armed forces.

NCC Gallary

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