Electoral Literacy Club

Electoral Literacy Club is a platform to engage students in interesting activities and ha~ds-on experiences by which they are sensitized on their electoral rights and familiarized with the electoral process of registration and voting. The club targets the new voters (in the age group of 18-21 years old) pursuing their graduation.

Objectives :

Electoral Literacy Club has been established in Anand Commerce College for the following purposes:

1. To sensitize the student community about democratic rights.
2. To encourage students to vote.
3. To impart democracy based education for democratic awareness.
4. Organizing competitions like poster making competition, debate, elocution competition, essay writing to create awareness about the election process.

Electoral Literacy Club Committee List :

Sr. No Name Designation
1. Dr. V. M. Vanar Chairman
2. Shri H. J. Makwana Member
3. Dr. V. N. Pansuria Member
4. Dr. A. Y. Verma Member
5. Shri V. R. Gamit Member
6. Dr P. P. Patel Member

Nature of Work :

  • To do work as per the guidelines of NAAC related to ELC.
  • To celebrate National Voters Day(25th January)

Activities done by the ELC of the ACC :

  • To create awareness and interest among faculties and student through workshops/seminars.
  • To educate the targeted populations about voter registration, electoral process and related matters through hands on experience.

Initiatives taken by the college to encourage the newly enrolled college students to vote:

The students above 18 years who are to be enrolled as voters are sensitized about democratic rights which inc Jude casting votes in election. We conduct poster presentation, debates, elocution, essay writing and other programs which create an awareness regarding electoral procedures.