The institute has a vibrant alumni association. There are a number of practicing Chartered accountants who are members of ACCAA. The institution decided to harness the expertise of the Chartered accountants and set up CA Club at college. Anand is of the fastest developing city surrounded by many progressive villages and educational institution. The CA Club is a bridge between the students and the thriving job market in the area. Healthy interaction between the CA club and institute can expand opportunities for the students and help them to pursue their career as a Chartered Accountant.

Objectives :

  1. To organize workshops, Seminars for the students on facets of Chartered Accountant as a career option
  2. To arrange expert talk on current topics related to commerce and management
  3. To arrange interactive session on Union Budget every year
  4. To provide practical training to the students in the area of auditing and forensic accounting
  5. To help students in Article ship/Internship
  6. To arrange internship and mentoring for the bright students of the college
  7. To conduct different activities for community services