Parent-Teacher Association

About Parent-Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) serves as a vital bridge between the college community and the families of its students. Through its collaborative efforts, it strives to create a supportive environment where parents, teachers, and staff work hand in hand to enrich the educational experience of every student.

This partnership goes beyond mere involvement; it embodies a commitment to the holistic development of young minds. Moreover, its dedication to uphold discipline and academic standards underscores its role as a guardian of the college's values and ethos.

The annual meetings provide a platform for open dialogue and constructive feedback, ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of both parents and educators are addressed effectively. It is within these discussions that innovative ideas are born, leading to tangible improvements in the college community.

Furthermore, the accessibility of the Principal and faculty members during these meetings reflects their unwavering dedication to nurture a culture of transparency and collaboration. Their willingness to engage with parents underscores the shared responsibility we all have in shaping the future generation.

In essence, the PTA embodies the spirit of partnership and collective action, serving as a beacon of support and guidance for the entire college community.

Aims & Objectives of the Parents’ Teachers’ Association:

  • To Facilitate effective communication between parents and teachers, ensuring that information regarding policies, events, and student progress is shared transparently.
  • To Provide resources and support to enhance the learning experience of students, such as funding for educational programs, extracurricular activities, and classroom materials.
  • To Serve as advocates for the educational needs and interests of students, parents, and teachers within the college community and beyond.
  • Working to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes respect, cooperation, and a sense of belonging for all stakeholders.
  • To encourage parents to become more involved with children’s education.
  • To help parents and teachers to adopt themselves to the changing concepts of society.

Parent-Teacher Meeting (B.C.A Department)

Parent-Teacher Meeting (B.Voc Department)