Entrepreneurship Development Cell

       An Institute has in build EDC club that cater to the need of aspiring young student who wants to purse their career in the field of Entrepreneurship Development. We also arrange at regular interval programmes for students to inform and motivate them to start their own business unit and also provide employment opportunities to community citizens. In last 50 years our institute is proud to take credit for inbibing habit of entrepreneurial culture among youth and have successfully transformed startups into living businesses.

Objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

  1. Promoting Entrepreneurship spirit
  2. Facilitating skill development
  3. Supporting startups
  4. Incubation support
  5. Industry collaboration
  6. Promoting innovation
  7. Community engagement
  8. Creating awareness
  9. Alumni engagement

Committee of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Sr. No.
Position of member
Dr. M. D. Thakkar Coordinator
Dr. U. G. Amin Member
Dr. A. Y. Verma Member
Dr. B. H. Valand Member

Activities Reports of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

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EDC Activities Report 2023-24
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Felicitation of Alumni Entrepreneur