Finishing School is a Gujarat Government funded initiative run by Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat for the betterment of the final and pre-final year graduate students. The training comprises of both theoretical and practical sessions. The instructions are imparted through various interactive sessions, power point presentations, audio-visual aids, demonstrations, hands on sessions and fun activities. For Finishing School, KCG has given list of empanelled experts for the training. Students have been taught grooming, etiquettes, effective presentation, time management, CV Writing, personal interview, group discussion etc.

The college is running ‘Finishing School Training Program’ in its vicinity. Through it, students are being trained to crack various competitive exams like GPSC, UPSC, PCS, IBPS, UGC etc. They are also being trained in diverse fields of their future utility like Communication Skills, Personality Development, Tally and Retail and Marketing. Through Finishing School, we focus on grooming the personalities of our students


  1. To provide a platform for skills and abilities to youngsters to make themselves stable in the industrial environment.
  2. To provide the competitive training to adapt in the dynamic atmosphere.
  3. To enable the youngsters to present their best and competitive profile in working environment by training.
  4. To impart soft skills training and spoken English training to the students of Gujarat State and increase their employability.
  5. Reinforce the students' skills to acquire industry-specific knowledge by interaction with experts of the industry and other professionals.

Training Components
There are four training components which help to students to survive in this competitive environment are as under:

I: Life & Employability Skills
Self-Awareness SWOT, Self-Esteem and Self Confidence, Life & Professional Goal Setting, Grooming, Personal Hygiene and Body Language, Resume Writing and Dr. Sejal Patel_ACC Drafted by Dr. Sejal Patel Cover Letter, Job Search and Career Options, Group Discussion, Interview Skills, Empathy, Interpersonal Skills

II: Functional English Skills
Self-Introduction and Introducing Others, Nouns and Pronouns, Describing Words, Vocabulary Building, Verbs Part-1, Tenses Part-1 Prepositions, Conjunctions and Connectors, Framing it Right, Telephone and Email Etiquette (Part-1)

III: Life & Employability Skills
Positive Attitude and Motivation, Self – Discipline and Emotional Intelligence (EI), Teamwork, Leadership Skills, Professional Ethics and Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Presentation Skills and Meeting Etiquette, social media and Cyber Etiquette, Stress Management and Anger Management, Time Management

IV: Functional English Skills
Verb Part-2, Tenses Part-2, Developing a Paragraph, Report Writing, Email Etiquette Part-2, Communication Skills and Barriers, Telephone Etiquette Part-2 and Appropriate Use of Language on social media, Speak and Contribute, Group Discussion.

Facility Provided by the College
During the training session, the institute provided hospitality to the Trainer and moreover the necessary equipment, such as Infrastructure including ICT based tools viz., projector, audio visual equipment and adequate seating arrangements etc.

Improved Quality of the Students
The college Students became conscious personality and their level of confidence is improved and the realisation of what was lacking and missing in their personality led them to work upon it consciously as a part of preparation for their entry in the new world of work where challenges were waiting for them. But they would definitely overcome them and prove their worth. Training was kind of moulding their personality and they themselves noticed change in them which they accepted in their feedback.