SRKSM’s first milestone was to provide free medical aid and treatment by establishing Matrumangalam, a family welfare center, an orthopedic hospital, and Anand Hospital, which were equipped with the latest instruments and different departments in homeopathy and allopathy. During the phase in which there was a need for medical and ambulance services in this area, SRKSM started the first ambulance facility, the Orthopedic Service, the Center for Maternity, and gynecological services as blessings for Anand City.

There is a small incident that motivated the late Shri Vakil Saheb to establish a small hospital for free and concessional services on August 15, 1954.

Once, to get the donation for V V Nagar’s educational institutes, Bhaikaka, Natavarlal Dave, and Vakil Saheb went to Maharashtra. Here, Vakil Saheb was highly motivated by the services of one teacher. One retired teacher in a small village was providing services and materials for a nominal fee of one paisa (thermometer, tub, hot water bag, wooden chair, goggles for the patients of Motiyum, etc.). This activity touched the heart of Vakil Saheb, and following the advice of Bhaikaka, he started this activity in Anand. With this inspirational thought and the blessings of Bhaikaka, Vakil Saheb started orthopedic services at the SRKSM Trust in Anand. In a small hut, in front of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhan's photograph, by lightening the lamp, the principal of Engineering College, Mr. Junekar, quoted, “This oldy’s (Shri Ramkrishna's) blessings are like, which won’t allow you to sit; this hut will be proved very small for this oldy in the future, and with his blessings, the activities will go higher and higher.” Today, the blessings of Ramkrishna are rightly proved.

During this time, when there was the unavailability of orthopedic services, Vakil Saheb, with the help of Dr. Pashabhai Ameen, started an orthopedic hospital to provide medical aids for nominal fees, which proved a blessing for the people of Anand. With the blessings of Pujyanarayan Swami, the first ambulance service was started on January 4, 1956, in Anand. With the development of health care centers, achievements like Matrumangalam, Kutumbkalyan Kendra, Health Center, and Anand Hospital were started, and the most memorable part is Anand Hospital, in which Vakil Saheb provided services on concessions with an investment of Rs. 8 lacs. This is the greatest achievement on his part.

The second milestone of the trust is the step towards the field of education by establishing Anand Arts College, Anand. These milestones were inspired by certain elements.

The founder of this trust, the late Shri Vakil Saheb,’s interest and importance were in education, so with Medicare and health care, he also focused more on education. V. V. Nagar Bhaikaka built up the Charotar Education Society in 1944. The first meeting called by the Bhaikaka for the cooperation in education of Anand, along with Chamanbhai Desai, the partner of the Bhaikaka, Vakil Saheb, was also very active for the benefit of the people. Chamanbhai Desai and Vakil Saheb played a vital role in convincing the farmers of Bakrol, Karamsad, and Anand to give their land for the benefit of education. This is how Vakil Saheb was always with Bhaikaka for the creation of VV Nagar’s charotar education, and he was also a member of the Charotar Gramodhar Sahakari Mandali, and for many years he gave his services. Like V. V. Nagar, in S. P. University’s development to build the university statue, he gave an important part of the donation to support Bhaikaka. From the beginning of the university, he had served as a Senate-Syndicate member at Sardar Patel University, and with high educational vision, he provided valuable education services.

Simultaneously with the activities of V.V. Nagars’ education, the late Shri Vakil Saheb focused on the motif of making Anand a center of higher education. During that time, it was difficult (there was unavailability) to get a higher education and also to handle the responsibilities of the house together in Anand City. In such a critical situation of education, the late Shri Vakil Saheb approached the people of Anand and nearby villages with the message, Work while you study, and with the blessings and inspirations, he started higher education, and girl child education flourished.

In this way, the children of common and middle-class families, especially girls, got the benefit of education in their hometown. Later on, many educational institutes came into existence. By the passing of time, many educational institutes like KG, primary, secondary, higher secondary, graduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D., i.e., from KG to PG, were built up under SRKSM. Educational institutes like Arts, Commerce, Law, Homeopathic, Educational, and Technical are in existence. Along with education, by setting up ananddham (an old-age home) at Lambhavel, human and social services began. The last and most important step of the late Shri Vakil Saheb was to build an ananddham to serve the people at Lambhavel in 1980. In today’s changing society, all the facilities are given to live a healthy and peaceful life. Facilities like separate rooms, beds in each room, bedding, a water facility, a library for reading, newspapers, periodicals, a nursery-prayer hall, gardening, a TV, and simple and healthy food are available.

The third milestone is the emergence and development of self-financed institutions and their ability to provide new educational courses.

Self-financed educational institutes developed, changed, and flourished in Gujarat after 1995. With this move, the direction and conditions of education changed. By making steps with the educational need, Shri Kiritkumar Patel, senior trustee and present secretary Smt. Jyotsnaben K Patel, with high vision guidance, started the tradition of the first self-financed college in Anand in 1998.

After this tradition, many graduate and postgraduate institutes of courses like M.Pharm, MCA, MBA, M.Com, BSW, MSW, HRM, MA, B.Lib, M.Lib, B.Ed., Integrated Law, Ph.D., MD, and Technical were started.

To stand with the globalization and modernization world, this trust is rich and complete with new advanced courses, independent advanced buildings, advanced facilities, libraries, sports grounds, Bhaikaka Hall, auditorium hall, different types of laboratories, separate hostels for boys and girls, staff quarters, and a beautiful green atmosphere with a garden. This trust is developing with a live atmosphere in an area of more than 23 acres from KG to PG, with around 27 institutes and more than 20,000 students’ teachers and support staff.

The most trustworthy persons whose contribution and devotion are important in educational and health care activities are Late Shri Natawarlal Dave, Late Shri Manilal Doshi, Late Shri Ishwar Petlikar, Late Shri A C Patel, Late Shri Mohanlal Sheth, Shri Manubhai U Patel, Shri Jayantibhai Doshi, Shri Jayantibhai Vakil, Shri Jivanlal Contractor, and heads, supporting staff of all the institutes. This is how late Shri Vakil Saheb served as one and all for this trust throughout his life.

The late Shri Vakil Saheb never approached anyone for any kind of donation and instead gave donations to other institutes. He never attached his name to any of the institutes. Willingly, the trust has received certain donations, and those have been accepted with high obligations. This is the reason Bhaikaka said that here is the place where Gordhanbhai, with the support of his companions, has marked from bottom to zenith on true aspects and flourished the name of this trust everywhere.

By adding the Anand name to all the institutes, he has shown his love for Anand, which means his love for the people without any self-motivation or high respect. These social, educational, and health care services are memorable. The late Shir Ishwar Petlikar said about him that “one of the surprising and wonderful incidents is that there are more colleges compared to high schools. The late Shri Gordhanbhai is in the depths of this incident. The dream of Bhiakaka about college development has reached Anand from Vidyanagar in the hands of Bhai Shri Gordhanbhai. It is impossible to forget the services of Gordhanbhai, who connected Anand with Nalanda Vidyanagar and Takshshila. The late Shri Chimanbhai Desai quoted Vakil Saheb as Anand’s “Vidyanagar’s” “Chhote Bhaikaka" and Bhaikaka’s educational heir.

The late Shri Vakil Saheb used to sit under a tree at an ice factory and was always thinking about the benefits of education and society, not his family. He was always there to help, even small people. Here, Vakil Saheb recalls the image of Bhaikaka, who used to sit under the mango tree to serve the people.

We salute Shree Vakil Saheb on the upcoming occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of SRKSM for his cold-like ice, light-hearted, sensitive personality, and warm nature, and for his devotion to SRKSM for his whole life.