Goal :

Gujarat is a progressive state and a good command over written and spoken. English can enhance job opportunities for the students. A good knowledge English has become inevitable for higher education. Keeping in view this, the college started Certificate Course in English.

The Context :

More than 80% of the students who seek admission in first semester B Com English Medium have passed their last qualifying examination in the Gujarati Medium. Our experience shows that the English language becomes a barrier when the medium of instruction is English for Gujarati students. The students and their guardians requested the college to start classes for the English language. As a result the college decided to introduce Certificate Course in English for the newly enrolled students. The faculty of the college Dr. A. K. Yagnik played a very important role in framing the syllabus and adopting result oriented approaches in teaching written and spoken English. The course is recognized by Sardar Patel University.

The Practice :

The students were given ample opportunities to speak English for all practical purposes instead of the structural approach, new, communicative English language teaching method was applied which was highly appreciated by the students. For listening comprehension ICT based components were used. Classroom presentation by the students, interactive and technology based methods contributed significantly in the learning process. Regular classes were held in the early morning before regular college hours after reciveing suggestions from the students.

Evidence of Success :

The college received an overwhelming response from the students. The evidence is reflected in the result, in the year 2018 the result of the course was 100%. The external examination was conducted by the University. Every year the number of students opting for Certificate Course in English is rapidly increasing.