Gold Plated Medals
Cash Prize
March / April 2016
Class Percentage (%)
T.Y.B.Com 49.79
T.Y.BBA 58.92
T.Y.BBA (FT) 83.33
T.Y.BCA 57.30
Certificate Course in English 88.23
Diploma in Gen.Insurance 100.00
April & November, 2013
Course Percentage (%)
T.Y.B.Com 44.66
T.Y.B.B.A(GEN.) 82.45
T.Y.B.B.A(FT.) 78.26
T.Y.B.C.A 80.00
Certificate course in English 76.47
Diploma in General 98.52
For encouragement of students of students in the spheres of study, sports and co-curricular activities the following prizes are offered to the winners in each area of activity.
List of Gold Plated Medals :
Sardar Gunj Mercantile Co-operative Bank Ltd.: - 1st' at B. Corn Examination
Late Shri D. K. Patel & Sons Gold Plated Medal: - 1st' at B.Com Examination
Prin. M. D. Patel (Ras) Memorial Charitable Trust, Anand: 1st' at:

F. Y. B. Com, F. Y. B. B. A
S. Y. B. Com, S. Y. B..B. A
T. Y. B. Com, T. Y. B..B. A
Shri Motibhai Haribhai Patel Memorial Gold Plated Medal: B.Com (Advanced Accounting and Auditing paper-IV)
Shri. Chandubhai Manekbhai Patel (Pij) Gold Plated Medal B.Com. (Taxation).
Shri. Narandas Bhikhabhai Bhavsar Gold Plated Medal: - B.Com (Taxation)
Shri Ranchhodbhai K. Patel Gold Plated Medal: - B.B.A. (Financial Management)
Shri Late Shri Tribhuvandas.K.Patel Gold Plated Medal: T.Y.B.C.A in 2004
Prin. B.C. Gandhi Gold Plated Medal: 1st at T.Y.BBA (FT)
Shri A.R.Mahida Gold Plated Medal: S.Y.BBA (Communication Skill)
Cash Prize:
Prof R.K.Patel: B.Com (Business Finance)
Smt Shardaben R. Patel: B.Com (Marketing Management)
Shri Motibhai H. Patel: F.Y.B.Com, S.Y.B.Com, T.Y.B.Com Highest Marks in the subject of Advanced Accounting & Auditing
Anand Mercantile Co-operative Bank: F.Y.B.Com, S.Y.B.Com & T.Y.B.Com and F.Y.B.B.A, S.Y.B.B.A, & T.Y.B.B.A: First at each Level
Physical Instructor Shri Narendrabhai D. Patel (Laljibhai): First at B.Com & B.B.A
Prof Shankarlal Chimanbhal Darji: Highest marks in the subject of English at T.Y.B.Com
Late Shri Bhanuprasad J. Trivedi Gamdi Cash Prize of Rs.501/- each (T.Y.Bcom., B.B.A., & T.Y.BBA, (FT)
List of Gold Medalist:
Our student Rucha P. Sheth is awarded university gold medalist for passing B.Com degree Examination held in April – 2014.
Hardik Prajapati is securing first rank in university BBA Examination held in April – 2014.
Shreya Patel, student of B.Com is elected for RDC camp from New Delhi.
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