Faculty Details
Human resource factor holds key-position in the development of an organization. At Anand Commerce College the faculty has a unique role to play. Hence, meritorious and distinguished teachers of this college are the backbone of the system. The faculty, the staff and the principal have dedicated themselves to the cause of education. No efforts are spared for shaping the character and career of students of the college.

At present Dr. N.N.Patel is the Principal of Anand Commerce College. He has a rich background of experience and learning since he began his career as lecturer in Commerce and Accountancy under the erstwhile principal Shri M. D. Patel who had led the college to popularity. Dr. N.N.Patel was aptly trained for academic as well as extracurricular activities. Simultaneously, he has been holding many academic positions like syndicate member of S.P.University, Chairman of Board of Studies in Accountancy and Management, Senate member of S.P.University and host of other memberships in university positions.

The role of faculty of this college is an invaluable asset. We have an excellent team work of highly academically skilled and professionally qualified teachers who discharge their duty with zeal and dedication. Among the faculty members, we have teachers who are versatile personalities. They do not merely teach the students, but also by perseverance they have made their mark in social, political and religious spheres. The faculty includes members whose leadership is sought by other academic institutes of their area. Their academic excellence is widely acclaimed for guest lectures. Majority of our faculty have authored books in their respective subjects, which is the measure of the pursuit of our team. All members on our academic list have earned reputation as academicians and they hold memberships and chairmanships in the Board of studies of S. P. University. Many of the extra- circular activities at the college and the university are taken care of by the faculty and under their leadership talented students and sports students get opportunity for all round development of their potentialities. The faculty members provide guidance and counselling for girl students and motivate them to shine in areas that have so far been avoided by women. Faculty members are at liberty to pursue their personal development and unionist activities. Consequently, some teachers have played crucial role in welfare activities and contributed in the upliftment society.

Our faculty aims at achieving overall development of students; hence it is our preoccupation to see that the actual, scientific and psychological heritage from the old generation is handed down to the new generation with suitable modification in the context of the prevailing conditions and mental attitude of students. This calls for much appreciation, analysis and implementation. Our faculty is well qualified for this with hopeful eyes on bright future.

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